It’s where you can go from :


In no time at all!

Because @ totalchillax.com, we have deduced (from experience) that, music, games and comedy are the best ways to de-stress!

That’s what this website is about,
So that’s what we give you on this website!

Music with our live radio (and remove negativity/meditation) section, games with our puzzle games section, comedy, with our comedy videos section (It’s all the best comedy clips hand-curated from youtube) and more 🙂

So now, with TotalChillax.com,
you can do it (chill out) …

on the go!
all in one place!
and … within the browser!

TotalChillax.com comes complete with a no quibble money-back guarantee, If it doesn’t work for you (chill you out), we’ll give you your money back!

Oh wait … it’s free 🙂

Time is precious,
So without further ado

to chill 🙂